Why is Ho Chi Minh Museum so attractive to tourists?


Ho Chi Minh Museum located in Hanoi is the most importantly historical cultural relic of Vietnam. It attracts domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

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Unique architecture

Ho Chi Minh Museum is located in the area where concentrates many headquarters of the Party and State officers. It was designed by a Russian architect Garon Ixacovich and built with the help of the Soviet people.

With an area of ​​18.000m2, including used 13.000m2, and retention of about 12 thousand objects, Ho Chi Minh Museum Hanoi become the largest and most modern museum of the country. This is the first one in the Ho Chi Minh museum system keeping objects of President Ho Chi Minh. Till now, the museum system includes 14 units spanning North, Center and South of Vietnam.

A bronze statue President Ho Chi Minh is placed at the center of the museum space. Around Uncle Ho statue is banyan tree and the sun – the symbol of light and the survival of the nation.

Ho Chi Minh Museum is the largest and most modern museum in Vietnam (via Our Global Trek)

Ho Chi Minh Museum display consists of three main contents:

  • The prologue section is about the revolutionary life and career of President Ho Chi Minh and what Vietnamese people released his testament. This section has documents, artifacts, documentary films and art work presented systematically and this is the main part with eight topics: The childhood and youth of President Ho Chi Minh, the initial revolution operation (1890-1911) until the period of President Ho Chi Minh leading the socialist revolution in the North and struggling against the American invasion, liberating the South and uniting Vietnam (1954-1975).
  • The next section displays the country, the struggle and victory of Vietnamese people in Ho Chi Minh era.
  • The final section shows some facts about the world history having impacts on the revolutionary activities of President Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam revolution.

Historical cultural attractions

Inside Ho Chi Minh Museum (via Agitdrop)

Situated in the mid green campus with more than 7 hectare expanse along with a convenient car park as well as many services, Ho Chi Minh Museum has been a fascinating destination, attracting many domestic and international visitors so far.

Each year, the museum receives over 1 million visitors with more than 1/5 of foreigners. The museum is currently rated as one of the 10 museums catching many visitors’ attention voted by Record Community, travel companies and visitors.

Since its inception, the number of visitors to the museum has been growing. Specially, on major holidays and weekends, there is a large number of visitors, peak days can be up to 2 thousand people. This demonstrates that it is not only a large national structure but also the crystallization between cultural tradition for thousands of years of Vietnamese people and profound gratitude of the entire nation for a great man.

Ho Chi Minh Museum leaves a deep impression not only to the people in the country but also Vietnamese people living away from their motherland.

Ho Chi Minh Museum always leaves a deep impression to tourists (via Hanoi Hotels)

Besides available resources and exhibits, the museum regularly researches and searches for additional worth sources and precision artifacts of President Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam revolution.

In addition, the museum also has a team of dedicated, dynamic and creative instructors knowing foreign languages like​​ French, English, Chinese, and Russian. For requirement, visitors can be interpreted in these languages.

Documents, exhibits and original documentary films stored here are priceless assets of Vietnamese people to educate patriotism and foster ideas and morality of President Ho Chi Minh for generations.

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